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Direct to garment printing


Direct to Garment (DTG) is a relatively new technology – cutting edge stuff! DTG is way better than traditional silkscreen or heat transferring images, as it provides you with top quality images and lets you print infinite colours all at once. What's more, photo-quality images won't crack or peel – scout's honour.

Can you print more than four colors?

Sure we can! Our DTG printer can print more than 16 million brilliant colours. Click here and get inspired by a collection of original designs, from our very own in-house design team.

What is the largest size image that you can print?

We can print any image up to 30cm x40cm, be it a logo, photo, illustration – you name it.

What is the lowest/highest resolution image that you can print?

We'll print any resolution image you send us. We do however recommend that you stick to 300 dpi plus to ensure top quality prints, as we can't guarantee that low res images will look clean and crisp. Graphics under 300 dpi may also look pixilated, but if that's the look you're going for, who are we to judge?

Can you handle gradients in a graphic?

You bet we can. Our machine can print photo-quality images, which means it can handle gradient, halftone, etc. Click here to view our impressive portfolio.

Can you only print on white or light-colored shirts?

If you can imagine it, we can print on it. Unlike older DTG technology, our machine can even print white on dark – impressive, isn't it?

What types of fabrics can you print on?

We can print on just about any fabric. However, we prefer printing on 100% cotton – no other fabric gives you better results.

How do I wash a garment with a DTG image on it?

In the washing machine! Because the DTG ink penetrates deep into the fabric, our printed tees are as washable as they come. Just to be on the safe side, turn your tee inside out for the first few washes, and wash it cold. And did we mention that your image won't crack or peel, even in the wash? It won't. Serious.

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About us

Oudtshoorn T-shirt Company specialises in Direct to Garment Printing (DTG) and t-shirt design, using cutting edge printing technology to deliver top quality products. From the up and coming artist and the guy on the street, to leading business and corporation looking to brand some tees – with no minimum order quantity, you can order anything from a one-of-a-kind to a truck load of eye-catching designs.

Let us design your shirt or
submit your own artwork

If your brilliant mind can cook it up, our in-house designers can make it happen.

S, M, L or even 4XL

No matter what size your order, there are no minimum quantities required. We take on all size print requests

All our printed t-shirts are machine washable and printed on 100% cotton. Unlike
silkscreen and heat transfers you can use as many colours in your design and it does not change the price.

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