DEC 18, 2017

5 things to Consider Why Designing a T-Shirt

If you are new to t-shirt designs, don’t worry, we have everything you need right here at Oudtshoorn T-shirts, and can design your shirt for you, or you can simply .... read more
Created on 18th December 2017
DEC 7, 2017


- .... read more
Created on 7th December 2017
OCT 25, 2017

Easy Ways to Maintain your Cotton T-Shirts

Here at OTC Printing, we use 100% cotton t-shirts for our direct-to-garment printing, as it ensures that you receive the very finest quality in terms of fabric and print .... read more
Created on 25th October 2017
SEP 28, 2017

Why OTC Printing Supports People Against Race Classification

People Against Race Classification is a non-political activist group working to fight and end any forms of race classification in South Africa, and to encourage non-racis .... read more
Created on 28th September 2017
AUG 31, 2017

What makes your T-Shirt your Favourite T-Shirt?

Have you ever wondered why it is that when we delve into our t-shirt drawer, we almost always end up looking for the same few tops time and time again? You would think th .... read more
Created on 31st August 2017
JUL 28, 2017

What Your T-Shirt Colour says About You

The t-shirt colours you choose to wear will say just as much about you as the logos on them, and will give people an indication of your personality, career and outlook on .... read more
Created on 28th July 2017
JUN 21, 2017

Follow these Simple Tips for Designing the Perfect Hen Night T-Shirts!

Congratulations! Hen do’s are an exciting time for everyone and gives the bride a chance to get her close friends from various parts of her life together to celebra .... read more
Created on 21st June 2017
MAY 18, 2017

OTC are the Direct to Garment Printing Experts

The Oudtshoorn T-shirt Company are dedicated to helping you easily get high quality personalised T-shirts using the latest Direct to Garment printing technology to ensure .... read more
Created on 18th May 2017
MAY 2, 2017

10 Reasons you need Company T-shirts today!

Whilst children hate the idea of a uniform, especially at school, most of us growing up understanding just how important they can be to morale and productivity. Whether y .... read more
Created on 2nd May 2017
MAR 28, 2017

Why Every Charity Should Consider Printed T-Shirts

We all know how much easier it becomes to fundraise once a celebrity backs a cause, fame and popularity will have countless people checking out your charity due to its ne .... read more
Created on 28th March 2017
MAR 3, 2017

Why you need to start designing your own t-shirts

You may think that t-shirts are nothing more than practical essentials for your wardrobe, but they offer a wealth of individuality and possibilities for every occasion. T .... read more
Created on 3rd March 2017
MAR 2, 2017

4 Reasons to Look Forward to Autumn

The South African autumn is incredibly beautiful, and after the glaring heat of summer, it’s nice to have a more relaxed and comfortable temperature. During these g .... read more
Created on 2nd March 2017
NOV 17, 2016

Things Every Band Should Have on their Merch Stall

Merch is the best way you, as a touring musician, can build up your revenue and increase general awareness for your music. It can sometimes be a bit difficult knowing wha .... read more
Created on 17th November 2016
OCT 17, 2016

A Good T-shirt Is All You Need for a Spook-tacular Halloween Costume!

Easy, cheap and looks good are the three essential qualities to a truly successful Halloween costume, spending lots of time and money on a costume you’ll only wear .... read more
Created on 17th October 2016
SEP 23, 2016

Make Your Favourite T-shirts Last (Almost) Forever!

Sometimes we find a t-shirt that is simply perfect. It may have a pop culture reference on it, be a band t-shirt or from your time at college, but wherever you got it fro .... read more
Created on 23rd September 2016
AUG 22, 2016

5 Questions You Need to Ask Your T-Shirt Printer

Whether you’re an up-and-coming designer or your band’s going on tour and needs merchandise, having t-shirts printing is an exciting, but sometimes costly, ti .... read more
Created on 22nd August 2016
JUN 27, 2016

The T-shirt Design Trends to be Following in A/W 2016

T-Shirt design is a great way to ensure your artwork and graphic design is showcased by a wide range of people. The trends of A/W 2016 are vital to any prospective design .... read more
Created on 27th June 2016
APR 28, 2016

What You Need to Think About Before Designing Your T-Shirt

Printed t-shirts are a brilliant addition to any group day out, youth club, society or band merchandise stall, but there are a number of things you need to consider befor .... read more
Created on 28th April 2016
MAR 2, 2016

You Won’t Believe How Personalised T-Shirts Improve Easter Egg Hunts

Easter is a brilliant time to get out and get active in your local community. With children’s clubs often hosting Easter egg hunts in open spaces like parks, you ne .... read more
Created on 2nd March 2016
JAN 21, 2016

The best ways to say ‘I love you’ this Valentine’s Day

What better Valentine’s Day present than a funny, suitably cringey and personalised t-shirt for your loved one? Answer: nothing, nothing at all. Show the love For .... read more
Created on 21st January 2016
JAN 4, 2016

4 of the best hen or stag party keepsake ideas

It’s not every day that you get to have a big celebration with your best mates before you get married, is it! So make sure it’s one to remember. There’s .... read more
Created on 4th January 2016
NOV 5, 2015

The Complicated Rules of Band T-Shirts

Band t-shirts are a great way to support the bands you love, and give you a cemented identity as being a fan and part of a musical community. As with any fashion statemen .... read more
Created on 5th November 2015
SEP 21, 2015

Why You Should Wear Cotton T-Shirts

Cotton is the world’s most popular cotton fibre due to the number of advantages it has over many other materials. At OTC Printing, we recommend using 100% cotton T- .... read more
Created on 21st September 2015
AUG 27, 2015

Promoting your Brand: How to Behave at your Exhibition Stand

When planning for an exhibition many people focus on their pre and post show strategies, as well as the design and layout of their stall. However, these aspects alone won .... read more
Created on 27th August 2015
JUL 16, 2015

Four Reasons for Wearing Personalised T-Shirts

Today personalised t-shirts are more popular than ever before. Displaying a personal emotion so indicative of a present feeling or with a personalised design of your very .... read more
Created on 16th July 2015
JUL 3, 2015

11 Facts about T-shirts that Will Impress Your Friends

When was the last time you really impressed your pals with a few facts? Admittedly, some facts are more interesting than others but every once in a while it’s nice .... read more
Created on 3rd July 2015
MAY 29, 2015

Five ways to reuse old t-shirts

Thinking about clearing out your wardrobes? Found a whole pile of old t-shirts you don’t know what to do with? Well you could hand them into a charity bank – .... read more
Created on 29th May 2015
APR 30, 2015

Measuring a T-Shirt for the perfect fit

Getting a t-shirt to fit perfectly is important right? Too short, too large, too tight or too baggy and it’s just not going to feel or look right. Classic faux pas .... read more
Created on 30th April 2015
MAR 23, 2015

The definite guide to T-shirt care

Take pride in printed t-shirts and they provide you with many hours of pleasure, whatever you decide to mix and match them with. Part of the secret of looking after t-shi .... read more
Created on 23rd March 2015
FEB 24, 2015

Five reasons to choose the Oudtshoorn T-shirt Company

If you’re looking to create promotional t-shirts for your business or create a t-shirt unique to you there are a lot of printing options out there. There are probab .... read more
Created on 24th February 2015
JAN 16, 2015

Tips For Creating Charity T-Shirts

Charity t-shirts are a great way of advertising your charity and promoting the cause but often they get left behind or forgotten about after charity events. They provide .... read more
Created on 16th January 2015
JAN 5, 2015

The History of T-Shirt Printing

The history of print t-shirts is greater than you may think. Stretching back over three hundred years, T-shirt printing was introduced to Western Europe from Asia. The pr .... read more
Created on 5th January 2015
NOV 27, 2014

The benefits of "direct to garment" printing

These days anything and everything can be customised. Whether you want t-shirts printed for your friend's hen party or caps printed for your employees there is one option .... read more
Created on 27th November 2014
OCT 29, 2014

T-shirt printing tips for businesses

You’re a business owner. You’re looking to push your brand. You need some t-shirts printed. But you don’t have a lot of time to spend scouring the web a .... read more
Created on 29th October 2014
OCT 1, 2014

7 Tips For Designing Your Band T-Shirts

At Oudtshoorn T-Shirt Co. we understand the importance of having an eye-catching t-shirt.  Whether you’re just starting up as a band or you already have a stro .... read more
Created on 1st October 2014
AUG 28, 2014

Tips for checking your artwork is suitable for printing

So you’ve designed a stunning piece of artwork and you’re ready to get it printed onto 100 t-shirts… stop! Before you send your artwork over to us the .... read more
Created on 28th August 2014
JUL 24, 2014

The ultimate guide to owning a festival shirt

Heading to a gala, carnival or outdoor music event this year? Don’t forget to take a festival shirt with you! We’re in pole position for festival shirts at .... read more
Created on 24th July 2014
JUN 26, 2014

Our top 5 tips for great t-shirt design

Whether you’re creating a t-shirt for your band, designing something for your business, or you just want to create something unique to you, getting started can alwa .... read more
Created on 26th June 2014
MAY 27, 2014

5 cheap ways to promote your business

Promotion is one of the most important parts of business. Without it, you aren’t going to generate leads or make any sales. But not everyone is a marketing expert a .... read more
Created on 27th May 2014
APR 28, 2014

Our 3 tips for summer t-shirt design

Summer is on the horizon. We’re all setting out plans to grasp whatever little heat we have by the throat and rattle every ‘ray’ we can out of it. We&rs .... read more
Created on 28th April 2014
MAR 28, 2014

Mistakes you must avoid in logo design

Your business logo is the first thing people notice. So it needs to be good. It’ll help reinforce your brand, attract new customers and advertise your business. Bu .... read more
Created on 28th March 2014
FEB 20, 2014

Custom t-shirts – what to look for from a garment printing service

We’ve tried to make our service as simple as possible at Oudtshoorn T-shirt Company, our direct to garment printing solution is easy to understand, straightforward .... read more
Created on 20th February 2014
JAN 31, 2014

Stag do tips, been there, bought the t-shirt!

Planning a stag do is fun, it can also be complicated as well. We’ve been on a few crazy weekends in the past at Oudtshoorn so we know how wild things can get! Stay .... read more
Created on 31st January 2014
JAN 10, 2014

5 events that are perfect for custom T-shirts

We’re pretty confident you’ll love our custom t-shirts the moment you wear them, we’re the experts in t-shirt printing at Oudtshoorn and specialise in d .... read more
Created on 10th January 2014
DEC 6, 2013

Five occasions that call for custom printed t-shirts

Custom printed t-shirts are a lot of fun, and are great for making exciting events just that little bit more special, they also make great mementoes.  Printed t-shir .... read more
Created on 6th December 2013
NOV 18, 2013

Why DTG printing is superior to other garment printing techniques

Whether you’re a business printing promotional T-shirts or an individual printing girl’s vests for a social event, you’re going to want your printed gar .... read more
Created on 18th November 2013